Solar Bankability Final Workshop - Improving the attractiveness of solar PV investment

7-8 February 2017, Renaissance hotel in Brussels, Belgium

Europe has already passed to the post "100 GW of Solar Power Installed in Europe" era. In the last decade grid-connected photovoltaic power has advanced from an absolute niche position to a central building block of future electricity generation and energy transition. Costs of PV systems have fallen more than 70% since 2008 and levelised cost of electricity will continue decline supported by economies of scale and ongoing innovation. Along with the increasing importance in Europes future energy mix the technical reliability and financial stability of PV investments has to match established standards in the utility industry. Hence, the Solar Bankability project aims to establish a common practice for professional risk assessment which will serve to reduce technical risks associated with investments in photovoltaic projects and increase trust from investors, financers and insurance companies.

Solar Bankability is a project funded by the European Commissions Horizon 2020 programme. It started on March 2015 and will finish on February 2017. Over the last two years the consortium worked on a number of high quality deliverables on technical risk assessment, risk mitigation measures, cost assessment and business model assessment. Several leading financial institutes, developers and component providers supported with advisory roles the developments of work.

After a very successful mid-term event and additional consultation activities, we are now ready to present and discuss our findings, exchange with relevant leading stakeholders and assess the impact of our work.

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